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Janet McGregor Dunn

Pottery & Sculpture

      I love having my hands in clay (that’s actually paint on my hands in the photo, but I didn’t have one with clay). I love experimenting with glazes. I often put myself to sleep at night creating pieces in my mind. I live to get into the studio. I love exploring all the combinations of textures when creating many of my original pieces. Yes, there is a lot I like and love about pottery and clay!

      I was a painter (oil, acrylics, watercolor) for many years, but once I found clay I knew I’d found my home-corner in the world of creativity. Occasionally I’ll still dabble with my paints but not for long as clay always pulls me back.

     Music is an integral part of my life and many pieces are created with a musical theme in mind. Just like my art, my musical tastes are eclectic. You’ll see musical flavors and themes in a lot of my pieces. Sometimes it’s the blues, sometimes jazz, hard rock, classical, country…it just depends on my mood.

      I am also inspired by nature and incorporate a lot of it into the design of my art pieces. My studio sits in the midst of a large wooded area. I often see deer, chipmunks, hummingbirds, and other wildlife through my studio windows. Wild turkeys sometimes perch on my front porch. I have bird and hummingbird feeders all around the studio to attract wildlife. I often add found objects from the surrounding area into sun catchers and other works.

     All of the art pottery or sculpture I create are unique, never to be repeated. Even my smaller pieces are one-of-a-kind. I am not a fan of symmetry. I strive to create interesting shapes that change as you move around them, that cause the eye to travel.


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