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     Meriwether County is a rare treasure in being one of the few truly rural counties in the state yet located within one hour of Atlanta and Columbus, the two largest cities in Georgia. It is one of the largest counties in terms of land area, 500 square miles, with one of the smallest populations, 22,000 people, and including 7 incorporated cities! Only one city has a population over 1,000 and 6 of the 7 cities have downtown areas with buildings dating back to the 1800’s, most with their original architectural features in tact. It is an architectural historian’s dream area and ideal for experiencing days gone by.

The large undeveloped natural areas and abundant supply of historic buildings make the county, particularly its county seat Greenville, a natural draw for artists and artisans of all genres. The Tourism Committee of the Chamber of Commerce formed a subcommittee in 2016 dedicated to nurturing the art community and making art an even larger part of our local economy.

There is a long list of exciting things to do and see in Meriwether County for visitors of all ages and interests. You can find fun things to do throughout the year, sports and hunting for every season, the annual Southeast Regional Rodeo, even training on handling large animals like horses and bulls. Our mild weather provides year-round outdoor activities and beautiful gardens. A variety of locally owned and operated restaurants serving delicious food are scattered throughout the county, most located in historic buildings.

Meriwether County has a long legacy and a lustrous past, full of fascinating stories from days of old, as well as many interesting and talented people that live here now. From art to adventure, history to current events, leisure and learning, you can find all sorts of things to do in Greenville, Georgia, and all our neighboring cities.

Greenville is the County Seat of Meriwether County, though all of the nearby cities are closely related and share a common history. You can find fun events and happenings in Greenville as well as our family of sister cities; Lone Oak, Luthersville, Manchester, Gay, Greenville, Warm Springs and Woodbury.

One of the most significant historic locations in the area is the Little White House in Warm Springs, made famous by President Franklin Roosevelt. President Roosevelt spent much of his time here in an effort to treat and recover from polio. The Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation still operates today as one of the most progressive rehabilitation clinics in the country.

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