A young man languishes in a Mexican prison.  His companions have been tortured and killed. He remains alive because he knows the whereabouts of a map that marks the spot in West Texas, a place known as Castle Maximillian.  The young an bears a surname that identifies him as the estranged son of a rancher in Colorado.

Whit the assistance of a Mexican cattleman, the rancher and his friends rescue the young man and retrieve the map.  Father and son are reunited, but there is an urgency to know if the map is authentic. An expedition is mounted to search of the location in West Texas.  From the beginning, the journey is bristling with danger.

Uncertainty, betrayal and death accompany the travelers and exact a price.  the desolation of a harsh environment and the relentlessness of adversaries require every ounce of perseverance and resolve.  More than once, an age-old question rears itself: “Is it worth the cost?”

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