After her husband disappears at sea, a woman and her daughter in Galveston, Texas, try to keep his shipping company from going under. But they have become victims of intimidation and theft by a ruthless business rival bent on forcing them to sell out.  This competitor resorts to violence and worse to get his way.  The women realize they cannot face him alone and appeal for help.

Just across the Gulf, a coffee plantation owner near Veracruz, Mexico, is being extorted along with other land owners.  They are compelled to pay a “tribute” to a man known as The Priest who sends his Faithful to collect.  Because everyone must pay, plantation workers and their families live in perpetual poverty, and those who defy this practice face ruin or death.

The law in both places is powerless to intervene, causing three man from Colorado to head to the Gulf and administer their own brand of justice.  In each instance, they find themselves outmaneuvered and outnumbered.  What can three man can do to make a difference? How can they succeed against such overwhelming odds?

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