Trouble is brewing in southern Colorado. An Irish rancher bent on driving his neighbors off their property resorts to hiring a gunmen to remove them. Threats eventually lead to bloodshed as ordinary ranching families find themselves facing overwhelming odds. There is no help coming from those who supposedly represent the law.

Four men who have tracked bank robbers from Kansas to New Mexico arrive just in time to intervene at one ranch. Their support prevents the owner and his family from being burned out or overrun. An adjoining ranch is not as fortunate. A night raid leaves its buildings burned, many of its defenders killed and its owner abandoning his cattle and his property.

Only dogged determination and a willingness to stand and fight will make the difference.  Complications arise from within the defending family that lead to unforeseen changes, and a battle of wills puts everything at risk. Those who have pledged their help must look toward a future for which they are unprepared.


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