JoAnn Camp Head Shot

JoAnn Camp

Fiber Artist

         My work as a fiber artist began with a love of sewing and creating traditional quilts. After several years perfecting quarter-inch seams and matching points, I discovered art quilts. I found that I could make art with fabric and thread and it was perfectly acceptable to color outside the lines.

       Most of my work is representational, based on photographs—my own and those of family members. I sometimes venture into the world of  abstraction. I try to capture an emotion or evoke a memory in the
viewer that makes a connection between us, even though we may never meet. 

       I have had success and recognition on a local, regional, national, and international level for my work, in art shows as well as quilt shows, with work displayed in museums around the US, as well as internationally in China and the UK. My work has also been featured in several magazines and other publications.

      I am a Juried Artist Member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates), a member of the American Quilt Society, as well as a past Artist in Residence at the Georgia National Fair.


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