Nellie Ralat headshot

Nellie Ralat

Ceramic Artist

      I’m a “people watcher”. Growing up in New York City as I rode the buses and subway, I watched. I took note of the lines and angles in faces. I observed expressions, movements and gestures. I was always fascinated, never tiring of the subject matter.

      I continue to be fascinated by the human animal- the only mammal that elevates life experiences in the form of the arts. 

      On reflection- I consider this the beginning of my informal training.   My formal training in the arts consists of a few classes in junior college and two beginner pottery classes at a local arts and recreational studio.  I continue learning by doing.

      In 2015 I ventured into juried shows.  I won the President’s award at the Columbus Artist Guild Members show in July and First Place in the Fine Arts Amateur Division at the Georgia National Fair in October.

      My fascination with homo- sapiens is reflected in much of my work. It is the subject matter in my sculptural work and is often reflected in my functional pieces.

      I am in the company of all the artists throughout the ages, who watched and observed and found the subject matter of “people” worthy to be elevated in the form of the arts.   

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