Keith Moore Head Shot

Keith Moore

Heart of Gold Artist

      With a background in graphics design and the tender sensibility of an artist, Keith Moore delivers handcrafted wooden signs, logos, furniture, and paintings that both honor nature and meet the unique needs of his clients.

     Whether he is creating a single sign or a complete package of logos, signs, artwork, and interior/exterior finishes, the essence of who he is and what he stands for are palpable in every piece and bring cohesion to the finished products.

     Finding strength and inspiration in nature, Keith draws from the color palette of his surroundings: Blues from the skies and waters. Greens from the trees of early spring. Reds, golds, umbers yellows, and browns of autumn.

     Patience, care, attention, and heart go into every piece he creates and feature symbols that give Keith direction both in his work and in his life: stars, hearts, spirals, feathers, and arrows. He prefers working with distressed and reclaimed wood, both to prevent the destruction of living trees and to allow aged wood to “speak” during the artistic process, revealing the wood’s special character.