Bobby Vaillnacourt Artist

Robert Vaillancourt


      When creating pottery I feel a strong connection with the earth. Whether it is hand molded or thrown on the wheel, the process can be meditative and calming while at the same time very satisfying. Whatever comes to my mind’s eye can spring to life through the clay.

     A perfectly centered piece of clay on the wheel spinning at the right speed and being pressed between the fingers is empowering for me.
While clay can be so challenging to control I believe the challenge is part of what attracts me. Simply put, I like the way it feels! What used to be the standard five or ten years ago is not the same measure that it is today.

      The satisfaction I receive from my work is what drives me. Many pieces get my stamp of approval but rarely do I consider the end product to be perfect. So whatever that says about me as a potter is a part of my core makeup and my attitude about the work.
It can be something as simple as a bowl or a well-shaped teapot, large or small, it doesn’t matter. All the steps have to be executed well before any piece gets two thumbs up.

     My inspiration comes from the satisfaction and enjoyment I experience during the process itself while creating each piece. I consider myself to be neither artist, artisan, nor craftsman. I am a potter.